my wls journey... (pinkjen) wrote,
my wls journey...

Compliance, Day 1

Today I took all of my vitamins. I've really been terrible about taking them regularly. I bought a better 7 day pill holder (my old one would pop open all the time making it hard to take to work with me) and loaded it up for the week. I have vowed that this will be the first week since my surgery on Dec. 17th that I take all my vitamins every day. I've gotten a bit better about my protien supplements. I still don't drink them daily, but on the days I don't I think I'm getting close to the minimum 80 grams of protien I need daily. This week I've cut back on fat more because I just can't stand what it does to my tummy.

All that aside, I'm thrilled with the 53 pounds I've lost!
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