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the incredible shrinking me [entries|friends|calendar]
my wls journey...

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[13 Jul 2004|11:07am]
Haven't updated here in a while! I happily weighed in at 160 this morning! That's 73lbs. lost since December 17th! 30 more lbs. to my surgeons goal and 40 more to my personal goal...especially since I'm now engaged and getting married Fall 2005. I'd love to be around 120! Of course, I'll be thrilled at any weight, but with a little effort it should be easy. I'm also Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding on August 29th. The dress I ordered fit fine and is a 14. I'd love to have to have it taken in to a 12 or smaller before then. So hopefully today I'll start back at the gym. I'm back to my old routine 30 minutes on the dreadmill and then weights. My friend who's getting married and I were going to go together, but I changed my mind. Going to the gym with someone always derails me. I talk, rather than work out harder, and having to work with someone elses schedule sucks. I plan to go on my lunchhour or right before/after work or whenever I can, and I just do these things better solo. It's about time too, cause I've been shelling out $39 a month for my unused gym membership for far too long now.
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Compliance, Day 1 [11 Apr 2004|09:15pm]
Today I took all of my vitamins. I've really been terrible about taking them regularly. I bought a better 7 day pill holder (my old one would pop open all the time making it hard to take to work with me) and loaded it up for the week. I have vowed that this will be the first week since my surgery on Dec. 17th that I take all my vitamins every day. I've gotten a bit better about my protien supplements. I still don't drink them daily, but on the days I don't I think I'm getting close to the minimum 80 grams of protien I need daily. This week I've cut back on fat more because I just can't stand what it does to my tummy.

All that aside, I'm thrilled with the 53 pounds I've lost!
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[27 Jan 2004|04:16pm]
I've decided to make this a friends only journal. If you're interested in being added just leave me a note!
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